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Pastor John Freeland
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Rev. Sharma Lewis
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Pastor David Ford
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Rev. Rick Bonfim
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Bishop James Swanson
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Rev. Alan Ferguson
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    Pastor Wes Hilliard
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Bishop Paulo Lockmann
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Rev. Gene Thomas
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Rick's Take on Daniel
The last couple of weeks at Atlanta Bible Study, Rick has done amazing teachings on Daniel. Please click the titles below to watch.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Where Does Brittany Go Next?
In January, I will be starting school at Eastern University in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Where I will be majoring in Biblical studies...



John's view on Ethiopia
My two boys are Jace and Ellis. It took 4 trips to Ethiopia in a period of 4 years to bring them home....

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Every Thursday we broadcast our bible study “Live”. Broadcast and worship begins at 7 p.m. Teachers include Rick Bonfim, Betty McKinney, Elizabeth Wolfe, among others. Please join us. You just may never be the same!!!

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