Reading for Pleasure

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I enjoy to read, but it was something that I struggled with up to 3rd grade. In my homeroom class, my teacher Mrs. Cosby noticed that I was having trouble. She suggested to my mom that I get a tutor to help with my reading.  After I was with the tutor for a few weeks, reading became fun and interesting to me. The tutor helped me to picture the story in my head so I can see what I was reading. I still do this now when I read.

I started with fun age appropriate books “The Babysitters Club, Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High. Then mysteries came along, Mary Higgins Clark, Stephen King. Now I really like biographies. If someone through their life is an encourager that is what I want to learn about them. How did they overcome some hurdle in their life? What or who in their life made a difference to them? Has God played a role in any of this?

In the next few weeks I will start writing about some books that I have read that I really enjoyed. Maybe something in these writings will be a jump start for you to pick up a book again, or to see if one of the ones I have read may be of interest to you. I look forward to being able to read in pleasure with you.




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