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The year 2016 has been such a busy one at RBM. Mission trips, new interns and staff, Atlanta Bible Study, Rekindle the Flame. One thing runs into another and we are constantly planning, processing and GOING!

The RBM team just finished 37 days “on the road” to Dahlonega, GA, Van Buren, AR, Ellaville, GA, Gloucester, VA and Williamsburg, VA. Raymond Church and Rick and I counted up: During those 37 days we preached the Word or taught the Word in Bible studies and Sunday school classes 61 times! We pray there will be lasting fruit – because we know the Word never returns void. At the end of our “RBM Fall Tour” I got to spend two wonderful days in Virginia. My friends, Carol Dyke and Gwen Rutherford, took me to see Colonial Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg! (The photo was taken in Colonial Williamsburg). It was SO COOL! Thanks to Carol and Gwen for blessing me!

Now that we are into November, we won’t have much traveling during the next few months. Since my mom passed away in July, I will not be going to Montana to be with her for Christmas. That will be strange and a little sad, but I am happy for some time to just remain at home and catch up on some rest and some domestic chores.

So what will I be focusing on during this time at home? I am very excited to report that the long-awaited book which Rick has been writing, “Praying with Accuracy,” is nearly completed. He has been working on this book for over 20 years. He has revised and embellished it many times over. He has had others work on corrections, editing, and bibliography. I have edited it several times over. Now, during the months of November and December, I am in the process of doing the FINAL EDIT. As soon as I complete that we are going to self-publish the book and begin to distribute it to many people who have literally been waiting for YEARS to have this book in hand. Pray that the Lord will bless me to finish this incredibly powerful project. Hallelujah!

Betty McKinney


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