Prayers over our Children for 2017: Health

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When you think of the New Year we think of things we need to start doing in our life to improve it or make us healthier, doing more of the right thing.  We can never go wrong with a good, well-meaning prayer. Let us go through this year by improving our children’s lives, let us say prayers over them, knowing that they will become truth.

For this week let us pray on our knees, for the Health of our children:

Dear Heavenly Father,

I lift up the health of my children Lord. I am not just asking for major health crisis to stay away from my children God, I am asking for any and all sickness !Let their immune systems be strong and able to combat any illness that the devil throws our families way. May their sleeping and eating habits be improved upon this year. May they feel the best they have felt in all their life and may I, as their parent teach them that the blessings of health comes from your Precious name. I ask this on my knees, with all my heart, my soul and my mind in belief of Your Son’s name, Amen.





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