Prayer on the Field

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When I watch a game being played one way I see Christ in sports is through prayer. After someone scores a touchdown, or hits a home-run that is how some celebrate their victory, or when a player is hurt the others take a knee and lift them up and pray for their well-being. A lot of athletes give thanks and praise to God during their games, and are outspoken about their Faith to others, and share and pray with one another.

For me, on the baseball field in high school is where I learned the Lord’s Prayer. I did not go to church, and knew nothing about having a personal relationship with God but I remember before games taking a knee in the outfield and saying the Lord’s Prayer with the team. The reason we said it was to bring us together as one, and to strengthen and encourage one another. Prayer brings people together in all circumstances and brings them as One body to the throne of Grace and the Lord meets them there in their time of need. So even though it was just a game I was playing, I see now years later how the Lord was with me no matter where I was.

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