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This experience has been the best thing for me. I thank God every day for this opportunity and for all of the people he has placed in my life. I have a friend named “Ralph” and everybody here in the office has welcomed him into their hearts and love making fun of him whenever he speaks up in the meetings. Ever since I was pregnant with my youngest son I have had this one loud hiccup that spontaneously interrupts morning staff meetings. So thanks to “SOMEONE” (not naming any name) we have named it “Ralph”.

Since being here I have felt the call that God has on my life to be able to be strong and go out and preach His word. I am unashamed to praise his name in public. The first 3 months of this internship was very hard for me, being away from my kids and not knowing anybody here. However, being here has opened up my eye to see the real world. I see exactly what I have been running from. I have been scared to be out on my own without my family by my side to support me, but that time is over. I know what I want and what God has in store for me. He touched me while I was in Brazil and slain in the Holy Spirit. He took every doubt and fear of the future and has made me full aware that through him I can do anything.

I am on the last part of my journey here at Rick Bonfim Ministries, and let me tell you there are times I don’t want to get up and go to work; but being here they are on me like brown on rice. Yes, I know I said brown on rice instead of white on rice but even while writing I kept hearing Rick’s voice say “White food is no good for you.”  They want to see me succeed and not fall back into my old ways. If you truly know me, then you know I don’t take anything from anybody and blow up and get away from the situation as fast as possible, but not here! They fight for me just like a family and won’t let go of me until I’m ready to go out into the world.

I know that God will supply my needs and I know I am well taken care of.  Being here I have learned to walk in faith and let God lead the way and that is what I am doing. I really need you to know that I am so grateful for all of the prayers, not only for me but for this ministry.  You have done so much for me just by supporting this ministry.  Going to Brazil this past June has opened my eyes and made me realize if I don’t get my life together, then my children will follow in my foot steps and I don’t want that for them. I am ready to be a mother to my kids and take the weight off of my parents and allow them to be the grandparents like they are supposed to be. This ministry has helped me and thousands and it’s all thanks to all the support YOU have given to this ministry. I thank you so much because without you guys I wouldn’t be the woman I am now.

THANK YOU AGAIN and God Bless,

Katura Posey


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