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Mark 10:27

“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.”


Dear God-

We proclaim today that with You, ALL things are possible. With one look, one stare, one glance, one gaze, Jesus said these very words.

As I read this short but powerful passage, I am moved in my spirit to gain a further acceptance of the truth of what Jesus is emphatically saying.

Jesus is not making an assumption here. He is not making a hypothesis or an educated guess.

He is not speaking in a metaphor or in an allegory.

He does not use the words “maybe”or “if”.

Rather, He is clear, concise, relevant, poised and by confirmation as THE HOLY SON OF GOD, He makes a statement. He is saying that with “man alone”, apart from God, is insufficient. We are sinners who have fallen short. Apart from God, we are unable, inadequate, and deficient in so many ways. Though we strive in our own might to achieve in this world, apart from God we represent the IMPOSSIBLE.


But The King Of Glory who so desperately wants us, calls us to engage in communion with Him.

Jesus is saying “I overcame the world and conquered sin and defeated that grave.”


He is crying out to us in this passage to be so intimately AWARE.


AWARE of the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD, to do… the impossible.


AWARE of the love of the Father that He so lavishes on us.


AWARE of the ocean of grace and sea of mercy that You show us.


AWARE of the need for us to die to our flesh, and impart towards a relationship with You Father.


We thank You God that You TRULY Do IMPOSSIBLE THINGS.


Our God Does Impossible things-


-Sammy K. Bonfim

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