Election Gift

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Sharing a post from a friend, Stan Henderson:

In 2016, the nation saw the most remarkable election in history.  A decade of Government on steroids had the Country in free fall, the economy was in the tank with unsustainable debt levels, unchecked spending, porous open borders taxing its infrastructure, companies and jobs moving overseas, stagnant wages, highest unemployment since the Great Depression, riots and looting, paid protesters, police shootings, redistribution of America’s wealth to enemies that chanted “Death to America,” redistribution of individual wealth from those who earned it to those who were politically connected, Benghazi, unsanctioned Executive Orders, politicians selling access and confidential security information on illegal servers, questionable family trust and the growing problems of the Unaffordable Health Care Art hung over the Nation like a dark cloud.

One flawed, populist billionaire heard something the rest of us didn’t hear.  Conservatives, Liberals, Democrats, Republicans, news analysts, politicians and pundits, none of us heard it.  It was the people, screaming in a louder voice than anyone could imagine, “Washington, enough is enough!” We knew it was there, but he heard the depth and force of the sound.  He didn’t look like Carlton Heston, speak like Ronald Reagan or remind the people of George Washington, but he ignored political correctness, recognized the problems, put them on the table, shined the light on them and promised to try to fix them.  He worked harder and spent more of his own personal wealth to win the White House than anyone in our country’s history.  To everyone’s surprise, he was elected President of the United States.  What a Thanksgiving subject!  What a Christmas present!



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