Thanks, Parents!

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In the past I have looked forward to Christmas and getting presents and everything I wanted even if I didn’t deserve any of them. Now that you’re an adult you realize just how good you had it as a kid. … Continued

After the Election

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Let it be known that a momentous event has happened in America.  The Lord has ushered in Donald Trump as our next president.  It was a close race for the presidency, but the Lord shifted it toward Trump near the … Continued

Being a Single Mom

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So I was asked to write article for the RBM website about being a single mother. In all honesty I can’t say that I have experience or expertise in that. The truth is that my mom has been more of … Continued

Update – Taylor

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A lot has happened during my time here in Rick Bonfim Ministries.  I have been a part of the annual “Rekindle the Flame” conference here in Athens, Georgia.  I was in charge of the audio and video equipment during the … Continued

My Time at RBM

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This experience has been the best thing for me. I thank God every day for this opportunity and for all of the people he has placed in my life. I have a friend named “Ralph” and everybody here in the … Continued