Apartments, Beds, and the New Year

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So December I’m sure has been a crazy month for everybody. I looked for an apartment and would find one but then it would fall through. I found one just days before my flight back home to Texas and thought that all the stress would go away but God had a better idea. A young lady will be joining our team here at RBM and we have gotten an apartment together. So now I am in the process of subleasing my other apartment, but I know God will supply someone to take it over. I didn’t let all of that ruin my visit home with my kids. My boys have grown so much and I woke up with a foot in my face every morning of the two weeks I was there because my kids wanted to sleep with me every night on a full bed. Let me just say that was not a good bed to share with two boys that sleep just like me and move around at night. I loved every minute of it and wouldn’t change anything about it. I hope that every single one of you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year and I hope God blesses you in 2017.



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