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Pastor Johnathan Dunn

Johnathan and his wife, Tara, moved to Athens, GA in 2009 after finishing graduate school. They now have two sons, Jace and Ellis and one daughter, Liana. Johnathan is commissioned by the RBM Board of Directors as a Licensed Minister of the Gospel.  In the office he is involved in intern training, operations management, budgets, trips, fundraising and financial advising. He also leads worship at our Atlanta Bible Study and teaches for our morning staff Bible Study.

The real work that John does is to provide incentive to our interns in the area of development. His sense of need and his abilities to teach, produces vital uplifting and encouraging that changes the outlook of someone affected by life and situations.

We are blessed by Johnathan Dunn in this way. If you spent one week in the office you will notice his skills and his call to serve being put into motion by analyzing, creating, fixing, and teaching basics that encourage and uplift our staff.

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Frankie Appel

Frank and Frankie Appel Frankie Appel: Public Relations

I have known Rick and Mary Lucy Bonfim for over 25 years. God has bonded us together in the Spirit. I have been with Mary Lucy in the month of December to have Christmas for some families in Niteroi, Brazil.

In March of 2013, Frank and I moved to Athens to work full-time in Rick Bonfim Ministries. In the office I help in the accounting area, especially in the area of receiving donations for individuals working within the ministry. I also work in preparing for Rekindle the Flame Conference in July of each year and in different mailings that go out during the year.

I am officially un-retired doing the Lord’s work to bring many people to Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

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Jason and Karen Goins

Jason and Karen Jason and his wife, Karen, come to Rick Bonfim Ministries from Williamsburg, VA.

Jason worked for 9 years in a custom commercial fixture shop. In 2008 God put it on his heart to continue his education. After finishing his Religious Studies degree, Jason had a clear vision from the Lord about building a mobile prayer tent. Pastor Rick is encouraging Jason to follow through with his goal and is helping Jason travel with the cross and tent throughout the United States.

Karen is a graduate of Mary Washington College in Virginia. She is a devoted wife, loving mother, and has a loving heart toward everyone she meets. The Lord has placed her repeatedly in ministry to youth and young adults.  She worked as a youth minister at Newtown United Methodist Church for 5 years.

Jason and Karen have two sons, Erik and Gregory.

Gregory Goins was born August 13, 2008. Gregory loves all types of machines and figuring out how things work. He also enjoys building Legos, reading, playing keyboard and swimming.

Erik was born March 15 2006. Erik likes animals, exploring and collecting things from nature. His favorite hobbies are playing drums, reading books, and sports, including football and swimming.

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Cindy Walker

John and Cindy Walker Cindy’s primary role is in the area of financial records keeping and auditing. But she is also a very crafty and creative person, always finding unique ways to enrich our ministry environment. And she takes charge of the stage decoration/design for Rekindle the Flame Conference every July and makes all the T-shirts!

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Bible Teachers Not on Staff
Elizabeth Wolfe

Elizabeth Wolfe Elizabeth Wolfe has been one of the most gifted treasures in RBM. Elizabeth is a teacher of the word of God and a women of prayer. Her ministry to Rick and Mary Lucy has been felt for over thirty years. When she prays for you, the heavens are opened and she speaks to your most intimate need, bringing restoration, revelation, and healing to your life.

Hundreds have been blessed by her in all these years. She is to the point, sincere and truthful in all she does. In many ways our ministry exist because of her teaching and discipling of all of us.