A Parent’s Prayer

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God, I come to you today because You have given me the responsibility of being the earthly parent to my children. I want to do what is right in Your eyes. God I ask that I not leave the church parking lot on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s thinking that is all my child needs to hear of You. I pray that I am being seen by my children reading my Bible, coming to Your Word for the ways to live my life. I pray that I take time to read Your Word with my children, that I engage with them about You and what Your life means to us. It is my prayer that when my child is on their own that they know about You, know about Your love, and know that You are the answer to all their needs. Father, may You give me all the strength I need to do this for my children. You know my heart on this more than anyone else, Lord, I know I will not disappoint. I ask for all of this in Your Mighty Son’s name, Amen!


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