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The Blessing of Cuba Trip

We had $8000.00 to give to 9 pastors in Cuba as well as Pastor Aramis, the D.S. of the Holguin district.  But no one could go to carry the money.  Yet God knew His plan to send me on a trip to teach me to totally trust Him even when things would not work out as they should.  God sent me to do something that I have never done in my life, travel to a foreign country by myself.  When God has a plan for your life, He will use you to further His Kingdom work as well as teach you something about His work in and through you.  He taught me total trust and peace in Him.

The pastors who received the money from you who have given to Rick Bonfim Ministries were blessed beyond measure.  You were there when I gave them the money and prayed for each one, giving a message from the Lord for them.  Then we all gathered around Pastor Aramis and prayed for him and his leadership in the district.  Once we prayed for him, they all prayed for me and what a blessing!  I felt the Holy Spirit all over me.

Even though I had to wait 4 hours for a plane to fly back to Miami that caused me to miss my connecting flight to Atlanta, I knew God was in control and He would make a way when there seemed to be no way.  God had a later flight for me.  GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!!


Blessing in Jesus our Lord and Savior,

Frank Appel