The Church in Cuba

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cuba-um In 2015 I went on a mission trip to Cuba with RBM. We went to the province of Holguin, where the average income is $15 – $18 dollars a month. That was shocking to me as an American to hear how little they got paid. The Methodist church is growing rapidly, and so many are accepting Christ and joining the church. There is a lot of need financially.

Because of Cuba being a communist country the government has complete control over telephone lines and internet connection. Any pastor or church official who tries to send information out is doing that knowing that what they are doing, the government’s going to know about and that comes with repercussions. The government tells them if they can build a church or not.

A lot of the churches we visited were in the back of the homes of the pastor. They were held together with palm tree leaves for roofs and tarps acting as the walls. Some had only dirt floors and one had a huge tree growing right in the middle of the church.

At one church the instruments they worshiped with were toy instruments that Americans would buy at Wal-Mart and the drums were held together with tape and had cymbals that had pieces broken off of them. But despite everything I seen that could have prevented them or discouraged them from worshiping, they worshiped The Lord with total abandonment. They did not let their circumstances stand in their way of given themselves completely in their worship. They were bold in their preaching and worshiping and really show that even though they lacked the things of a church in America on the outside, they had on the inside what a lot of church’s in America lack, which is the Holy Spirit flowing free and worshiping with full abandonment.

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