Slay the Giant

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This Christmas you will be receiving an envelope for a YEAR END offering. This offering will pay bills for the US ministry, increase the feeding program in Brazil, and support the two new missionaries now with us, Raymond and Dawn Church (children Alexis and Autumn) and Jason and Karen Goins (children Gregory and Erik).

These two families are fundraising heavily, but we will need to give them some help so they will be able to pay for living expenses.Please pray for this effort. We need to raise $30,000 by the end of December, 2016.

Raymond is in charge of the Cuba mission trips. Dawn is working in the office posting donations daily and other chores. Jason is preparing to travel with the cross throughout churches in the South Georgia Conference during the year of 2017.

In Brazil the feeding program is moving forward, serving 1000 meals a week. We will need to add to the budget to buy more food per week.

My prayer is that you will respond to this request and bless this ministry.



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