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These are photos of many Mission Trips to Brasil, Israel and Cuba. They were taken by members of our teams travelling with us. These are real photos of real persons doing ministry in the hills somewhere or praying for others after a worship service or just of the trip itself. The church services that the persons attend have tremendous results. Bringing thousands to Christ and continue to testify of the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to save the lost.

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  • Cuba March Trip 2014
  • August 2013 Brazil Trip

    August 2013 Brazil Trip

    People who attended this trip:

    Brittany Shewbridge, Kay Hilliard, JoAn Kinrade, Lillian Smith, Jackie Stewart, Patrick Otite, Brittany Abdullah, Autumn Wiggins, Rick Morse, and Sarah Thomas

  • Rekindle the Flame 2013
  • March Brazil Trip 2013

    March Brazil Trip 2013

    People who attended this trip:

    Jeanne Gibbs, Georgia Dunagan, Jeff Phel, Sylvia Wang, Sharon Kirkpatrick and Rachel Kinrade

  • Ladies Brazil Dec 2012

    Ladies Brazil Trip December 2012

    People who attended this Trip:

    Frankie Appel, Sue Johnson, Ann Eldridge, Jessica Dalton, Cindy Dale, Mary Lucy Bonfim

  • Cuba 2012
  • Cuba 2012
  • Cuba 2012

    March Cuba 2012

    People who attended this Trip:

    Susan Maddox, Jim Hood, Linda Hood, David Nutter, Earl Martin, Hope Martin, David Bleakman, Michael Lack, Faye Palmer, Robert Burnette, Garry Livermon, Becky Livermon, Sherry Young, Sandra Snell, Stephanie Watkins, Pam Morrison, Steve Odiorne, Jenny Andrews, Nick DeSantis, Isabelle Culberston

  • Israel 2012

    Israel 2012

    People who attended this trip:

    Denise Ivey, Eddie Prince, Tammy Prince, Tina Green, Craig Green, Sharon Kirkpatrick, Jerry Sheets, Pam Sheets, Blake Haas, Johnny Ray, Daniel Bonfim, Rosangela Bonfim, Marco Bastos, Elaine Bostos

  • Brazil 2012

    Brazil Trip - August 2012

    People who attended this trip:

    Craig Fox, Kevin Daniell, Stephan Ward, Lewis Jackson, David Kinrade, Jud Turner, Travis Cliett, Rob Estes, David Clark, Rebecca Clark, Ron Gallentine, Jackie Gallentine, Kelley Brummett, Tina Druckenmiller, Art Durckenmiller, Jeff Boomer, Catherine Cates, David Folker, Rachel Kinrade, Denise Ivey

  • January Brazil 2012

    January Brazil Trip 2012

    People who attended this trip:

    Cindy Dale, Rhonda Lord, Natalyn Tucker, Sandy Kulendran, Justin Conaway, Michael Graff

  • The Hill Building Project
  • Feeding Project
  • Brazil August 2010

    Brazil Trip - August 2010

    People who attended this trip:

    David Bleakman, Kevin Ellington, Eugene Thomas, Amanda Lee, Noreen Quill, Amanda Robinson, Debra Franklin, Natalyn Tucker, Erik Nordgren, Michelle Burnette, Martha Ratcliff, Brad Martin, Sarah Hallburton, Robert Odiorne

  • Israel 2010

    Israel 2010

    People who attended this trip:

    Earl Martin, Bonnie Martin, Dr. Joseph Semak, Susan Birdwell, Brown Pendleton, Louise Warner, Faye Palmer, Dianne David, Felicia Roysden, Steven Odiorne, Robin Odiorne, Lynn Bryant, Cynthia Mackey, William Hubbard, Tammy Halliburton, John Halliburton, Margie Pockat, Cindy Dale, Erin Basnett, Thomas Odiorne, and Kelly Odiorne. 

  • Israel 2009

    Israel Trip 2009

    People who attended this trip:

    David Bleakman, Michelle Burnette, Charles Hodges, Sherian Hodges, Amanda Lee, Jenobel Zipperer Andrews, Myra Shiver Valentine, Amanda Scott, Denise Burnette, James Radford, Sharon Black-Snoddy, Eugene Thomas, Jennifer Thomas Martin, Leah Susan Brown, Susan Schilstra, Julie Thilbodaux, and Paula Phillips 

  • Ladies Brazil Trip
  • Brazil 2007

    Brazil Trip 2007

    People who attended this trip:

    Beth McClinton, Pam Jones, Janet MCClure, Brown Pendleton, Marilyn Baldwin, Allison Hilliard, MArk Ballance, Rev. Wes Kaylor, John Ratliff, Jim Lacy, Robert Strange Jr, Quentin Marshall, and Kyle Offenbacher

  • Brazil Mission
  • Brazil 2011
  • Brazil 2008

    Brazil Trip - February 2008

    People who attended this trip: 

    Rev. Donald Fogal, Judith Fogal, Dr. Earl Martin, Bonnie Martin, Theresa Williams, Norman Ramsey, Hannah Ramsey, Zack Stubblefield, Jacqueline Barnes, Dr. Goodlow Jackson.

  • Brazil Trip October 2005