Good Bye, Bus!

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old bus

We had a historical day about two weeks ago, October 26, 2016. Our beloved bus that has transported hundreds of mission team all around the state of Rio was sold. It was time for sure. Over 10 years of service. It was becoming unreliable and often breaking. But think of all the memories created on that vehicle! I personally witnessed a man cry like a baby on that bus as God touched his heart.

Kudos to Roberto Blanco and Robert “Bob” York on their hard work to find a buyer, negotiate a price and push through the paperwork. I assure you it was no small feat! Pray for us as we are now on the search for a new vehicle. We want the right bus for these mission teams that just keep coming year after year. Pray that God gives us a bus that will be just as anointed and will last as long or longer!

Johnathan Dunn

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