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Who are We?

Birthmark Ministries is seeking to revive a heart of prayer in the Church! The Lord has equipped us with a mobile house of prayer in the form of our prayer tent. Our desire is to bring the Cross and Tent to your church, your campus or your city to carry the word, the presence and the power of our LORD JESUS to the nation! The Lord has used this tool in many ways in the short time we have traveled with the Cross. If it is on your heart, He could use it in one of these ways with you:

~ The Cross in your church for a time of revival.

~ The tent on your property for a special season of prayer.

~ A guided prayer space for your congregation including youth, young adults and children.

~ A prayer-centered outreach to your community.

~ To inspire your church to prayer ministry and 24/7 prayer space!

~ To reach your local college campus with interactive prayer space drawing hearts into unity!

The vision of the Cross and Tent ministry is based on growing the Fruit of the Spirit in a space that is created and moved by the Rhema of God’s mouth through the prayers of His people!

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How the Ministry was Birthed

After finishing a religious studies degree at the College of William and Mary in the spring of 2012 I began to ask God why I left my job to get further education. God told me to start praying for “tent making,” so that’s what did. Sitting at my kitchen table trying to journal, I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was standing in a tent. God gave me an open vision of an octagonal, portable prayer tent based on the fruits of the spirit. The Cross stood as the central support for the roof with banners that read “LOVE” hanging from the crossbeams. As I continued to look I noticed each side of the octagon was a different Fruit of the Spirit. In my heart I knew this tent would be used to revive a passion for prayer in the church.

The Cross at Rekindle By the spring of 2015, I had gone back to my job at the cabinet shop. A large company had canceled an order so the materials were given to me. After a few months of building and digging through scrap bins for parts, the Cross was built and took its first journey to Athens, GA with me in July 2015 to the Rekindle the Flame Conference.

After going with Rick Bonfim Ministries on the Cuba trip in the spring of 2016; the Lord made it clear to me that joining the RBM staff was my next step. My wife and family came to Athens July 27, 2016. With three revivals and a college wanting the cross between then and the fall, we hit the ground running. I’m excited to be a part of this unfolding ministry and part of God’s plan.

~ Jason Goins