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RBM Board Members

In our ministry we have had several chairpersons. From Rev. Jerry Varnado to Mary Blanche, and many others has served. We have been blessed by Mary Blanche Rice. She is a retired teacher who ignites us into serving with zest and fervor. RBM has become an international ministry due to her vision and commitment to Christ.

Mary Blanche Rice – Chairperson
Bob Rice
Joseph Tillman, Sr. – Accountant
David Bleakman
Art Druckenmiller
Tina Druckenmiller
Dino Cates
Catherine Cates
Frank Appel – Director of Ministry Development
Frankie Appel
Lane Tucker
Natalyn Tucker
David Nutter
Susan Nutter
Sandra Snell
Johnny Ray
Rick BonfimMary Lucy Bonfim – Finances and Ladies Trip Manager
John Dunn – Financial Manager
Betty McKinney – Group Manager and Bible Teacher
Sammy Bonfim
Denise IveyJohn Freeland
Robert Burnette
Mike Reader