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Kathy Fallon


Hi my name is Kathy Fallon! In 2014, a homeless man walked up to me and said “God loves you!.” He said it like he had the best news on earth. That convicted me, so I began asking God to have mercy and lead me to Him. 6 months later, God answered that prayer powerfully and I gave my life to Jesus Christ! It’s been an adventure ever since! While helping an international ministry in 2015, God planted a burning in my heart for missions/the Great Commission. I passionately believe that Jesus wants people from EVERY nation and culture in His Kingdom celebrating what Him with their dance, music, art, and language!

In June 2016, a friend introduced me to Betty McKinney at one of Rick’s Bible Studies. After my mom was diagnosed with cancer, I met with Rick for the first time and he suggested an internship. When mom passed away, God let me know it was time to work at RBM.

I work as the in-house designer and am learning to co-manage the Mission in Brazil. I worked for RBM in Brazil for 5 months, and am currently back in Brazil for 6 months to begin a children’s program. The most exciting project so far has been designing/formatting Rick Bonfim’s new book, “Praying With Accuracy.” Being able to work for Jesus every day is a huge honor! Thank you for considering supporting me, and I pray God will bless you by making the Cross beautiful and revealing His character!

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Shannon Masters

Hello! My name is Shannon Masters and I am from a little town called Livingston, Tennessee. God really moved in my life back in 2014 and I have been pursuing Him ever since. I found Rick Bonfim Ministries in 2015 and it changed my life for the better. I graduated high school in 2016 and went to Brazil the month after that. In Brazil, I ended up staying a whole month because The Holy Spirit had moved me in such a way that I just couldn’t leave! Now I am living here in Athens and you can find me sitting at the front desk doing what I have been called to do! I am so excited to see what God has in store for me in the future!

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Matthew Fallick

Ever since I was twelve years old I knew that God had called me into the ministry for the rest of my life. Growing up in the small town of Winder, GA however, my thoughts on what following God meant were skewed and flat out wrong. You see although I had been going to church my whole life, I never understood the depth of the power of the Holy Spirit and how much I needed that power in order to follow Jesus earnestly and correctly. It wasn’t until I met Rev. Bonfim in 2016 on a Brazil mission trip that I began to see what the Holy Spirit of God had for me in my life. However, being a stubborn college student I ran to what I wanted to do instead of giving my life away to the Lord. Thankfully however God’s love chased me down in early 2018 and I made the decision to leave college and pursue Christ with Rick Bonfim Ministries. Although every day is a battle He is showing me how rewarding his love is and by the grace of God I have been found. If you ever want to know more about how I came to Christ you can find me in the office doing anything and everything I can to help the Ministry that seeks God’s will every day.

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