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Katura Posey

Katura My name is Katura Posey. I am from Conroe, TX where I lived with my parents, sister and brother. When I was 15 years old I was raped and became pregnant with my first son, William, and then at 17 I had my second son Noah. I wasn’t the mother I should have been with them. I went out many nights, partying, drinking and carousing, seeking approval from the world. As my kids grew up, I started realizing that they are the best thing that has ever happened to me. That’s when I was offered a chance to come and intern for Rick who has been in my life for about 10 years.

I went on my first Brazil trip back in June 2010 and was slain in the Holy Spirit but then came back to the States and back into the world’s way. But now I’m here for healing and to figure out how to live in a fallen world and not be scared to follow Jesus.

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Kathy Fallon

Kathy Hi my name is Kathy! My senior year in college, a homeless man walked up to me and said “God loves you.” He said it like he was telling me the best news on earth. That night, I asked God to have mercy and lead me to Him. 6 months later, God answered that prayer powerfully and I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

The next two years were rough yet beautiful. God preserved me throughout clergy sexual abuse, being taken to court, and helping care for my mom as she battled cancer. After mom passed away, God opened the door for me to intern at RBM to serve and heal. I’m grateful to be here at RBM Ministries and am excited to see what God has planned for the next year! My pet dove, Barnabas, also lives in the office now and helps keep an eye on us.

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Blake Haas

Blake In May 2016, while I was in Brazil, God said to me “go to the nations; go where I send you; speak and preach what you hear from me; take a wife.” I asked God, “what do I do about this, what is the next step?” Then he told me to “move to Atlanta/Athens” and I knew it was to learn from Rick Bonfim. I’ve been part of Rick’s ministry (RBM) since 2008 and have been on ministry trips to Brazil (4 trips), Cuba, Israel, and various parts of the US. Every time I’m with Rick and being used by God in ministry, there’s no other place I would rather be.

I finally decided to leave my friends and ministry in LA and drive to Athens, Georgia. I’ve been here for a couple of weeks and I can already see God moving. I’ve got peace again, even though my circumstances haven’t changed that much. I’m beginning to hear God again – which has been my greatest desire. I’m dying to myself and learning obedience and surrender first to God and then to authority in my life. I’m learning about commitment and how God works when I’m planted rather than freely roaming. I am where I’m supposed to be and God is moving in my heart and in my life.

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Stephen Burnette

Stephen I am Stephen Burnette. Thank God, I have been redeemed by the LORD. After growing up in Sandy Springs, I went to the University of West Georgia to get a Health, Physical Education and Sport Studies degree. I encountered a miracle my sophomore year, and simultaneously experienced the infilling of our Almighty Holy Spirit. My oldest sister was the first to be exposed to Rick Bonfim Ministries, and went to Brazil in 2008. In 2009, after fasting and prayer, my dad went to Brazil and came home a new man in Christ Jesus. In 2010 and 2011, my middle sister and I went to Brazil to experience life, deliverance, and supernatural ministry. After a few years as a P.E. teacher and coach at a Christian school in Atlanta, and was off to Asbury Theological Seminary where I went on more mission trips, and graduated in 2016 with a Masters of Divinity.

After a year of praying and seeking where the Lord wanted me to be, and trying time and time again to get fit with a job, God made it pretty evident to decide to be an intern at RBM. I am grateful for all God has done in my family through this ministry, and am grateful for what God will do for you and your family as you attend a conference, mission trip, Bible Study, or even talking with us on the phone.

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Brittany Shewbridge

Hi, I’m Brittany! I come from a family of worshippers of God! I grew up singing for the Lord, as my mother led worship at every church we attended. I cannot imagine my life without music, and I’ve always known that my voice was given to me by God to glorify Him. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and a Minor in Biblical Studies from Toccoa Falls College in 2007. A painful experience occurred at the end of my time at college and I sank into a deep depression for about the next 5 years. I fought anxiety and deep-seated fear. It was horrible. I tried to fight my way out in my own strength to no avail, and I also looked to entertainment, alcohol, and relationships to numb the pain. But God, in His amazing love and grace, sought me out because He wanted to pull me out of that pit! “There is NO fear in love, but perfect love CASTS out fear!” (1 John 4:18) I met Pastor Rick in 2011 and experienced a radical encounter with the Holy Spirit, the love of the Father, and the freedom found in Christ Jesus! I have experienced the power of the prayer of faith and the Word of God to heal! Praise God! I am passionate to lead others to that same liberty! I have been given the ministry of reconciliation and I desire to walk in that to the fullest! Thank you for considering supporting me, and I pray you know the height, the depth, the width, and the breadth of the love of God in Christ!

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