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Dr. Daniel Bonfim

Daniel Bonfim Vice-President of Daniel Bonfim Mission for the last 35 years, Dr. Daniel is married to Rosangela. They have one son, Daniel Jr, a business man in Niteroi. Dr. Daniel understands the needs of the mission and comprehends the governing laws of conducting ministry under a non-profit permit. The mission has its own accountant and follows all the rules of employment. The red tape in Brazil is long and difficult. Dr. Daniel has been a powerful asset in facilitating our ministry and activities within the hills of St. Barbara. He is the son of Rev. Daniel Bomfim, now deceased and Noemi B. Bomfim, also deceased. Dr. Daniel is a leader in family ministries and speaks throughout the state of Rio de Janeiro in congresses and seminars.




Celio Pereira Velasco

Celio Celio is our bus driver and the manager of the Feeding Program and the Clinic. He is committed to carefully detail the program meals, conduct purchases and expenses of these programs. Celio is married to Maria and has seven children. Many years ago, Celio and Maria attended the feeding program with their children. Today, Celio works for Rick Bonfim Ministries and is a vital part of the Evangelistic ministry in Brazil. Those of you who have traveled with us to Brazil will remember Celio and his gentle spirit. We have been blessed by him and his family. Celio drives our bus on short and long trips, covering a 12 month schedule which includes hundreds of churches throughout the country of Brazil. He is knowledgeable of the traffic and tight turns in a city of 19 million inhabitants, Rio de Janeiro. Thank you, Celio, for your love and commitment to us and to Jesus Christ.



Silvana Maria Jose

Silvana Silvana works at the feeding program. She is a very hard worker, cooking over 1000 meals each month, offering nutrition to many poor persons in the area. Silvana cares for the families of the poor. Her cooking provides variety and taste good to those in need. A complete bread oven and accessories provide daily bread for 1000 meals. The bread is prepared and delivered daily to the families.






Andrea Gomez

Andrea Andrea serves as a kitchen assistant. The meals are prepared daily and served to the population. We try to provide the best nutrition we can afford to serve these less fortunate who are in great need of protein. Andrea knows how to prepare the meals and serve them. She  worked for us in the past for 3 years and we are glad to have her back.