Mariano Rivera

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Mariano Rivera or “MO” played 19 seasons for the New York Yankees. He is a five time World Series champion and a thirteen time All Star. He is considered one of the best, if not THE best, closer of all … Continued

Take Time for Yourself!

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  So last night I was able to go out and enjoy some time with friends. I think that is key when you have kids. Take time for yourself. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. … Continued

After the Election

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Let it be known that a momentous event has happened in America.  The Lord has ushered in Donald Trump as our next president.  It was a close race for the presidency, but the Lord shifted it toward Trump near the … Continued

Glory Be

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Isaiah 43:6-7 “Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the end of the earth, every one who is called by my name, whom I created for My glory.” Dear Glorious Father- Even as the sun rises in the … Continued

Where’s the Church?

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While reading the Good News magazine of the United Methodist Church, I noticed that 40 out of the 44 pages dealt with the division within the church and only 4 pages dealt with the ministry of the church. Are we … Continued

Darrell Green

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I have always been a HUGE Washington Redskins fan. My favorite player growing up was #28 Darrell Green. He played the game of football with passion and gave it his all every time he stepped on the field. It wasn’t … Continued

Being a Single Mom

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So I was asked to write article for the RBM website about being a single mother. In all honesty I can’t say that I have experience or expertise in that. The truth is that my mom has been more of … Continued